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"Primesque" Mix Empty "Primesque" Mix

Post  jhawkins on Sun 27 Feb 2011, 9:47 pm

Hey everyone, here's a track I've had for a while and decided to do some touch-ups on the mixing and sounds.
I've got a few screenshots of the project, plus a small explanation of what I've got going on.
"Primesque" (Jon hawkins guitar and bass; Mike Sicalides Trumpet and flugelhorn; Pete Colon drums)
Primesque by jhawkins

Drums- Live recording on "Blue" USB Multi-directional Mic
Bass and Guitars- Direct In using Guitar Rig 4
Trumpets/Flugelhorn- Live recording with SM-57 and CAD-25A

Main Window
"Primesque" Mix Pictur11

"Primesque" Mix Pictur12

"Primesque" Mix Pictur13

Bus1 Effects
"Primesque" Mix Pictur14

Output Track Effects
"Primesque" Mix Pictur15


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