Free Software Collection!!!! AU and VST

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Free Software Collection!!!! AU and VST

Post  jhawkins on Thu 24 Feb 2011, 3:58 am

Hey everyone, here's a bunch of free stuff. Most are full programs, there's one or two demo's. We've got effects and instruments right here!

Flux Stereo Tool (very cool):

Flux Bitter Sweet 2:

Izotope Ozone 2 (demo):

Izotope Vinyl (tutorial coming soon) :

Airwindows Doubler:


Chip32 (8-bit instrument, one of my favorites, and there WILL be a tutorial) :

MDA-VST Collection- a large collection of VST and AU effects:

Some free synthesizer pages (haven't tried these out, but if you need a free synth, here you go)


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