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Jon Hawkins
Performance Composition Production
Jon Hawkins- Portfolio Portpi10
jhawkinsmusic [AT]

Recent Work

9/2011-Published paper on Pompeian soundscape under PublicVR; paper accepted to E-Learn 2011 Conference. (
Read/Download .pdf HERE

8/2011-Designed and constructed ambient soundscape for PublicVR's virtual Pompeii model (
Forum Voices by jhawkins

7/2011-Began working live sound with the Museum of Fine Arts' (Boston MA) Summer Concert Series (

3/2011- Commissioned to score Emerson film "Unacceptable" (Boston, MA). Samples available:
Floydian Celebration by jhawkins
Basement Confrontation by jhawkins
Happy Intro by jhawkins
Victory by jhawkins
Ztrange Outro by jhawkins
Sad Guitar Time by jhawkins
Grocery Bossa by jhawkins

02/2011-03/2011- Posted various lessons, transcriptions, and mix examples to forum.
Lessons and transcriptions by Jon Hawkins

02/2011- Produced guitar tracks on collaboration with Mike Sicalides/MBRS Sound Design. (Boston, MA and Philadelphia, PA)
"Paint it White" by The Midnight Blues
Paint It White FINAL by MBRSOnline

01/2011- Began co-hosting "This is Ska" on the Berklee Internet Radio Network. (Fridays 10am-noon)
Show Website

12/2010- Wrote and produced first track for film score for an independent film by Bryce Duncan (Huntington, WV).
Bryce's Mysterious Moviefilm by jhawkins

11/2010- Wrote, produced, and recorded fusion/funk track featuring Mike Sicalides on trumpet and Peter Colon on drumset.
"Primesque" Primesque Mix Examples
Primesque by jhawkins

Background/Mission Statement:
As a professional guitarist, composer/arranger, and producer, my goal is to write, produce, or perform the best production as possible whether it be a commissioned job or independent production.
I have experience performing, composing, and arranging in a variety of styles including jazz, fusion, funk, rock, Latin/folk/world, electronic, hip-hop/r & b, and classical music.
As a producer I have worked with various project bands and in collaboration with film makers in independent film, along with basic video effects and production.

Current Resume
Experience/Previous Work
3/2011- Active DJ on “This is Ska,” on the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN website)
2/14/2011- Produced guitar tracks for “Paint it White,” collaboration work with Mike Sicalides (MBRS Sound Design, Boston, MA and Philadelphia, PA)
2/10/2011- Hired to score and produce music for short film “Unnaceptable” (Boston, MA).
2/7/2011- Produced tracks for short film by Bryce Duncan (Huntington, WV)
2/2011- Began training/DJ sessions on Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN website Boston, MA)
12/2010- Recorded and performed all-original album: “Wet and Infected” by the Chief Cornstalk Liberation Army (Point Pleasant, WV)
12/2010- Performance under Natalie Sarno (recital, Boston, MA)
12/2010- Studio session performances for commercial jingle (Graeme Wyman, Boston, MA)
11/2010- Studio session performances for original funk tune ("Breakdown at the Shakedown," Boston, MA)
9/2010- Performance for local community block party; bandleader/guitarist (Dorchester, MA)
5/2010-12/2010- Employed by K and L Catering. (Gallapolis, OH)
2/2010-5/2010, 9/2010- Various trio/quartet performances (Sugar Bowl, Dorchester, MA)
7/2010- Performed solo guitar at festival (Sternwheel Regatta, Point Pleasant, WV)
12/2007- Performed guitar for Marshall University All-State Jazz Band (Huntington, WV)
5/2008-9/2008-Employed by Pleasant Valley Hospital; admitting/customer service (Point Pleasant, WV)
7/2008- Performed solo guitar at Relay for Life event (Point Pleasant, WV)
12/2006- Performed guitar for Marshall University All-State Jazz Band (Huntington, WV)
2004-2008- Taught private lessons in areas of guitar, theory, notation, and performance (Point Pleasant, WV and surrounding area)
2/2005-2/2008- Performed on stage and pit guitar for Point Pleasant High School musical productions (Point Pleasant, WV)
12/2005-4/2007- Performed with original and cover band “Marriage Material” (parties and
events, weddings, bars, and restaurants in WV and OH area)

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio Portpi11
Computer/Audio Skills
Logic Pro (Multi-track audio and MIDI recording/ Production and sound engineering)
Software Synthesizers / Digital and Analog Hardware
Finale (notation)
Mainstage (Live synth and effects processing and production/ MIDI programming)
Ableton Suite (Live effects/ effects production and audio engineering)
Guitar Rig 4 (Live performance and production)
Reason (working knowledge)
iMovie and video effects (very basic knowledge)

Berklee College of Music, Boston MA
Currently working towards Bachelor’s in Performance
Deans List/Cumulative GPA 3.6
Exp. Graduation Date: Spring 2012

Film Score Samples
Film Score Samples by jhawkins

Compositions/Performances by jhawkins

Electronic Productions
Electronicals by jhawkins

Transcription of "Dark Blue" by John Scofield
Transcription of "Dragon Gate" by Larry Coryell
Transcription of "Green Dolphin Street" by Keith Jarrett
Transcription of "Take Five" by Dave Brubreck
Transcription of "Well You Needn't" Miles Davis solo

The Guide to Progressing Independently (for Free)
Basic Gypsy Jazz Comping Lesson
"Primesque" Mix Run-down
Film Score Mix Run-down
"Adventure Time" Mix Rundown
"Final Boss" Mix Run-down

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio Temp-i10
Jon Hawkins and Colby Millett at Cafe 939 (Boston, MA)

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio Temp-i12
Jon Hawkins and Colby Millett at Cafe 939 (Boston, MA)

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio 100_0610

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio Portfo10
At homebase.

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio N6784710
Berklee recital. From left: Tomas Rosaly, Greg Arney, Jon Hawkins, James Peterson, Dayeon Souk, (not in picture: Felix Puopolo)

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio 45539_10
Re-living the High School days with Chief Cornstalk Liberation Army From left: Cody Jordan, Bryce Duncan, Jake Riddle, Jon Hawkins, (not pictured: Andy Johnson)

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio N6792910
Performing at Hooker Street, Mardi Gras.

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio Portfo11
Jon Hawkins and Rob Crisler performing at one of many house shows at the infamous Hooker Street household

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio 11436_10
Recording "Subterraneans." Jon Hawkins and Jack Reedy (Boston, MA)

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio 34795_10
Recording "Wet and Infected" with Chief Cornstalk Liberation Army

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio N6097810

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio 2795_810
Greg Arney and Jon Hawkins, Berklee Recital

Jon Hawkins- Portfolio 16573912
Acoustical Night. From left: Jon Hawkins, Cody Jordan, Bryce Duncan

Contact Info

jhawkinsmusic [at]
jhawkins [at]
Jon Hawkins Soundcloud
Facebook: Chief Cornstalk Liberation Army
Facebook: Tantalizer (band, Boston, MA)
Jon Hawkins Music Myspace

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