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Post  jhawkins on Mon 07 Mar 2011, 6:48 am

Here are a few screenshots from some western samples I did for my porftfolio. There are 4 short tracks in the project file, but we will be focusing on the last track in the project: "Cowboy Hero Theme". This was a big project, I was working with over 25 audio/midi tracks, and automating both those and global/master tracks. Automation was a big thing in this project, as was tweaking individual sounds to try and get the right tone for the bigger picture.

Cowboy Hero Theme by jhawkins

I used an ensemble consisting of guitars, trumpets/flugelhorn (Perf. by Mike Sicalides), string section, bass, synth, aux percussion, choir, and piano.

Main project window:
Film score mix Pictur41

"Cowboy Hero Theme" automation 1 (highlighted by green loop icon):
Film score mix Pictur42

automation 2:
Film score mix Pictur43

automation 3:
Film score mix Pictur44

Guitar effects:
Film score mix Pictur11

ESX24 Sampler (synth horn samples):
Film score mix Pictur12

Film score mix Pictur45

Film score mix Pictur46

Output effects:
Film score mix Pictur47

There it is! There's nothing too crazy there, just a bunch of automation and dynamic effects. If you're curious to hear the other tracks from this project, check out:

Film Score Samples by jhawkins


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