"Final Boss" mix

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"Final Boss" mix Empty "Final Boss" mix

Post  jhawkins on Tue 01 Mar 2011, 2:55 am

Here's another 8bit track. For this one I was thinking of a good track that you might hear on a boss level of an old SNES game or something, with a little bit of contemporary feel and hip hop beats. Anyway, this ones around the same deal as "Adventure time" technically speaking. Alot of tweaked sounds using Chip32 8bit instrument and Ultrabeat drums.

"Final Boss"
Final Boss by jhawkins

Main arrange window:
"Final Boss" mix Pictur15

Main mixer:
"Final Boss" mix Pictur16

Instrument examples (Chip32 and Ultrabeat):
"Final Boss" mix Pictur10

Output effects (Compressor, NI Guitar Rig 4 Iceverb, Adaptive Limiter):
"Final Boss" mix Pictur17

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