"Adventure Time" mix

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"Adventure Time" mix Empty "Adventure Time" mix

Post  jhawkins on Tue 01 Mar 2011, 2:12 am

Hey everyone, this tune is a little different. It is composed entirely of software instruments using Chip32 (free download available at http://www.kvraudio.com/get/229.html) for 8bit sounds and Ultrabeat for drums (on Logic Pro). There's not quite as much automation and effects use in this mix as "Primesque," as I was able to tweak the sounds on the Chip32 interface. Most of the dynamics and compression is done on the Output track, using an Iceverb ( NI Guitar Rig 4), Opto Compression, Multipress, and slight EQ work.

Anyway, with this tune I wanted to capture a kind of journey in a song, starting with an optimistic beginning, with tension rising in the bridge, and the point of no return into darkness, then a jump back over to the happy side for the outro.
Anyway, here is "Adventure Time."

Adventure Time by jhawkins

Main arrange window:
"Adventure Time" mix Pictur10

"Adventure Time" mix Pictur11

"Adventure Time" mix Pictur12

Chip32 windows:
"Adventure Time" mix Pictur13

Output window (Multipress, adaptive limiter, compressor):
"Adventure Time" mix Pictur14

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